KHA strategic capabilities
•   Intensely collaborative - all disciplines contribute
•   Utilise both conventional and non-conventional
    research methodologies Total immersion in the
    lives of consumers
•   The Strategic Hinge - a proprietary process that
    combines account planning disciplines

The end result of the strategic process is advertising that is believable, relevant, unique and motivating. In other words, "work that works".

KHA photography
A wide range of photographic assignments can be accommodated - location or in studio.
Commercial, aerial, product, events, portraits, architecture, food etc.


Client partnerships
KHA forges extraordinary close working relationships - indeed, true partnerships - with its clients. In most cases, our compensation is linked directly to the marketplace performance of its clients' businesses. As such, its success is inextricably linked to theirs. And this is exactly how it should be.

Creative philosophy
At KHA, we believe branding alone is not enough;
it is our job to take a brand and imbue it with personality - something that makes it stick in a consumers mind disproportionately to our client's media spending or share of voice within the category. And, while awards are a nice honour - marketplace results are far more important and enduring.

KHA - Driving the brand through all levels of communication ...


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